Everything about Quintas

Quintas is a chocolate toy poodle, he is one and a half years old. He's from Brisbane and I brought him home when he was a 8-week-old little puppy. This collection is of 8 objects that are emotionally connected to him. There are a mix of postive and negative emotions to these objects. Some are new and some are old, whether they were with him from the beginning or newly discovered, they hold a dear place within his tiny heart.

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Pet Healthcare Record

This is an Australian Pet Healthcare Record booklet. It contains all of Quintas' details including date of birth, breed, microchip number, vaccination certificate and surgery records. Additionally, it also includes information on how to properly care for your dog or cat to ensure they live a healthy and happy life.

Blue collar

This blue dog collar is produced by Gummi Pet products. It is made from a mix of leather, metal and synthetic material. The combination of materials and high quality stitching ensures the collar is robust. The belt buckle safely secures the collar to Quintas' neck. The rounded studs adds to the overall aesthetics of the accessory. The collar is convenient for short walks but can be cumbersome if the dog pulls on their lead.

Walking essentials

The harness, lead and poop bag dispenser are essentials for any dog walk. Unlike the collar, the harness supports the dog via the torso and distributes the force more evenly across their body. The fixed length lead is good for training and maintaining control. There is dog walking etiquettes which is what the poop bag dispenser is for.

Varsity dog jumper

This varsity dog jumper is a winter essential to Quintas' wardrobe. The 3 primary colours on the jumper are navy, white and red. It is made from polyester and is extremely fluffy keeping Quintas warm and safe. The 3 buttons secures the jumper comfortably around Quintas' torso and the stretchy material doesn't restrict movement.

Ball launcher

This is a ball launcher. It is comprised of two parts, the plastic launcher and the tennis ball. The ball launcher acts as an extension to the arm and allows the user to throw the tennis ball much further with less effort. Quintas loves this object and enjoys playing fetch out in big open fields and ovals. The ball launcher is quite an affordable item where the benefits definitely outweighs its costs.

3-Ring rubber tug toy

The 3-ring rubber tug toy is 3 rubber rings interlocked in series utilized as a tug-o-war toy for dogs. Each ring has its own unique vibrant colour. These 3 colours are green, orange and pink. The durable rubber is contoured and textured to assist with grip for the dog and user. Quintas prefers this toy as his object of choice when playing tug-o-war.

Duck muzzle

The duck muzzle is a rubber muzzle for dogs shaped like a duck bill. The mouth and nose of the dog fits in the opening through the rear of the duck bill and is held in place with the strap and adjustable buckle. It is a gentle muzzle which allows the dog to still breath comfortably through their nose and mouth as well as not disrupting the dog from drinking water. Quintas dislikes the duck muzzle as he occasionally wears it when he acts wrongly.

Cone of shame

The cone of shame is a plastic cone that stops the dog wearing it from licking or biting wounds they may have. There are loops on the cone which allow the owner to thread the dogs collar through to help secure the cone to the dog. Quintas had to wear the cone for 2 weeks after his desexing surgery.